FAH FAQs: Which Swedish player won a League Cup winners’ medal with Leicester City in 1997?

The search terms that lead people to this website are sometimes amazing. For example, today someone has stumbled across Forgot About Him whilst searching the internet for ‘rub him.com’. In this series, we attempt to answer some of these burning questions. It’s giving the public what they want.

Question: Which Swedish player won a League Cup winners’ medal with Leicester City in 1997?

Answer: Many of the question-based search terms that lead people to Forgot About Him can be answered by a dedicated post from our site.

‘Does Dominic Matteo write for the Yorkshire Post?’, for example. Why yes. Yes he does.

‘Which penalty did Victor Ikpeba miss?’ Probably a few, but this was the most famous.

And, ‘Whatever happened to Darren Eadie?’ Our interview with the former Norwich and Leicester winger sheds some light on that one.

But there are some, like ‘How many penalties has Kanu scored in the Africa Cup of Nations?’ that require a bit more digging. This time, one puzzled reader came across FAH after questioning which Swedish player won a League Cup winners’ medal with Leicester City in 1997.

Before we answer, let’s take a trip back to April of that year. Picture the scene: an exciting Leicester City side were on the verge of a top half finish in their first Premier League season, when many pundits predicted them to dissolve straight back into the First Division.

Under the leadership of Martin O’Neill, the Foxes surpassed all expectations by making the final of the League Cup, where they came up against Bryan Robson’s Middlesbrough, complete with Brazilian duo, Juninho and Emerson, and the similarly flamboyant Italian, Fabrizio Ravanelli.

After a goalless 90 minutes, Ravanelli scored in extra-time to put Boro ahead, but a 118th goal from 19-year-old Emile Heskey ensured a replay (yes, a replay) was on the cards for ten days later.

With an average age of just over 27, O’Neill opted for an experienced starting XI in the return tie – the same XI that began the original match-up. The young and exciting Heskey partnered soon-to-be journeyman Steve Claridge up top, with a flat midfield trio of Muzzy Izzet, Neil Lennon and Garry Parker ahead of a five-man defence that included Simon Grayson, Mike Whitlow, Spencer Prior, Steve Walsh and our mystery Swede. Kasey Kellar stood firm between the sticks.

Like the first leg, the deadlock hadn’t been broken in normal time, so an extra 30 minutes and the prospect of a penalty shoot-out loomed.

But, just before half-time in extra-time, the 31-year-old Claridge popped up in the box to volley his side into the lead, and to ultimately bring home the trophy for Leicester.

It was an incredible achievement, and one that earnt the Foxes a season of European football.

Fantastic. Great. But who was the Swedish player to lift the trophy, you ask?

His name, ladies and gentlemen, was Pontus Kåmark, a then-28-year-old full back who had signed for Leicester shortly before O’Neill’s arrival in 1995, after impressing in his country’s World Cup campaign the year before.

Photo: beaumontfox.

He made just over 75 unremarkable appearances during his four-year stint in the East Midlands, before returning to Sweden to see out the remainder of his career.

FAH noted a bizarre fact in Kåmark’s biography in Leicester’s classic XI: On more than one occasion, he broke down in tears in press conferences after suffering a tournament-ending injury in the run-up to Euro 2000.

He now works for Swedish channel, TV4. We’re told there are less tears nowadays, though.

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